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Aug 2017

The UK disc seems to be the best available.
After all the kerfuffle about the cuts to 2 scenes , the German disc only adds to one and then the quality is so poor it's almost pointless.

Despite being only 21 seconds longer than the UK and US discs the German disc does add 53 seconds to the Quaid/Capshaw scene in the train but rather than adding nudity it just makes the scene a bit more steamy. The quality means nothing really of interest is on show.
The other censored dream scene where the guy comes home to find his wife having sex with another man has nothing added.

So unless a steelbook is a must there's little point in going for the German edition although it does include the English commentary and a 1983 VHS quality time coded interview with Quaid.

Anyone interested in the German steelbook for 19.99 delivered let me know and you can buy mine.
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