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Originally Posted by jcl123 View Post
Hey, I just ordered the UK BD for SAC and 2nd GIG, and I have the Japanese release as well.

Has anyone tried to take the Japanese release and the UK release and running them through DVDFab to make a great version with the best video, audio, and subs?

Also think I will use professorwho's list of versions to hunt down what I am missing.

The problem there is that the episodes of the Japanese/Korean discs are all in one big ts file, whereas the UK/FR encodes are all separate. Some of the episodes on the UK/FR discs also have the mastering cards at the start of each episode which creates a further void in timing, so it'd take a fair amount of time and effort to sync everything up. I assume it's part of the reason why nobody has created a version of SAC utilising the dub audio from the UK BD.
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