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Originally Posted by badboi View Post
I stopped using them late last year. Wait times for almost anything 4K was (and probably still is) atrocious and when it was mailed out it took almost a week to get it. Never could get my 5 per month. Sometimes I could never get 2 per month. I just buy what I want now.
It's even more dramatic for me. I was paying $12.99/month for the 5 disc sub from joining during a holiday sale. Now it's going up to $17.99/month and I'm in the same boat. Practically impossible to get all five discs in the same month. I can place an order on a Monday and it won't arrive until the following Monday, Saturday if I'm lucky.

Probably going to try the 8.99/month for 2 discs a month and use it for just the more expensive titles (Criterion, etc.). Not worth it if you're just renting the $3.99 titles.

Still kind of a ripoff. Does anyone know of a better option for blu-ray rentals?
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