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Originally Posted by saprano View Post
Opinions and preference, how do they work?

You do know there are those who have both the kuro and OLED and make comparisons saying they prefer the picture of the kuro. It isn't just kuro only owners. And what do you any of you expect from people who spent thousands on these TV's? They are very strict when to comes PQ. Some find the overall performance from kuros still unbeatable. Saying we don't want to admit there are "better" TV's is nonsense. Cause it alot of ways that isn't even true-

Look at those viewing angle ratings on those supposed new and better TV's. Plasmas have no such issues. It's uniformity and off angle picture is still way better. That's just one of the many other PQ related issues these new TV's have that plasmas do better at.

I can flip your last point back to you; That it's 4K owners that are in denial and don't want to accept that a 1080p plasma can still look better than these brand new televisions.
Originally Posted by ZoetMB View Post
I don't own a Kuro, but what I do know is that back in the day when I saw a Kuro, the quality of the image took my breath away. Playing a movie, it had incredibly great color and was so cinematic. While many of the high end 4K sets do have great quality PQ, IMO they don't look as good as I remember the Kuro looking. JMO.

What would be nice is to see a Kuro in a shootout with the current 4K TVs to see if I still feel the same way.
I'm the biggest PDP and specifically a Kuro fanboy, however, it's not true that they deliver a better picture than a 4K HDR OLED TV. I still own and use my 50" KRP-500M, with the 10th generation plasma panel. The only thing better on a good PDP is motion resolution and very slightly off axis viewing.

We used my KRP-500 as our reference display at our annual TV Shootout Evaluation events right up to 2013 and we also had the first consumer 1080p OLED, 55EA8800 included in the TV Shootout and an OLED TV has won every year since then. 2013 was also the very first year a mass production new TV would have beat the mighty Kuro.

In 2014 we moved to Sony BVM-X300 RGB 4K HDR OLED monitor as our reference display as the 2004 Kuro was finally dethroned and we need to up our game on the reference display.
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