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Originally Posted by ZoetMB View Post
I don't own a Kuro, but what I do know is that back in the day when I saw a Kuro, the quality of the image took my breath away. Playing a movie, it had incredibly great color and was so cinematic. While many of the high end 4K sets do have great quality PQ, IMO they don't look as good as I remember the Kuro looking. JMO.

What would be nice is to see a Kuro in a shootout with the current 4K TVs to see if I still feel the same way.
I feel this exact same way. When first saw a kuro playing TDK prologue, i couldn't believe what i was seeing. I've never seen a natural and realistic looking picture like that before. Every time i went back and watched different types of content on it it kept looking better. Told myself there's no way i'm not buying this TV.

These new TV's do look nice, nothing has wowed me yet like the kuro did (does).

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