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We go trough this every other while. We all obviously disagree. Some think OLED is better, others don't. I can find an equal amout of people that have their preference.

Fact is no LCD or OLED can replicate the look of a plasma. OLED still has noticeable limitations compared to plasma. If i and others felt OLED was a replacement for a kuro, i would have one already.

Build quality is not even close. TV's now look like they're about to fall apart.

I will say there are a couple areas where OLED's may outperform Plasma (brightness, crispness and such), but it simply comes down to the overall final picture presentation in the end... and everything the plasma's do to create the naturalness and realism wins every time for me. Any motion problems at all are unacceptable and an immediate deal breaker for me right off the bat.

Who cares if you can see a bit more microscopic detail in a close-up of someone's face, or that an OLED TV is bright enough to light up your entire house... they've become so overly analytical about everything, wanting as much detail and clarity as possible that they've forgotten to make sure it still produces a proper, natural presentation.

Overall the final best picture presentation (in the sense of most natural, realistic and filmic) still belongs to Plasma. OLED wins if you're only concerned about getting the most detail, crispness and brightness (wow factor) and don't mind sacrificing the realism and naturalness.

Maybe these things will slowly improve over time with OLED's, but now with everything going above and beyond 4K and higher and higher resolution, I think that the pursuit of more and more detail will only get worse... not to mention 8K is almost entirely useless in 99% of homes, unless you have a 175-200"+ projector screen, but they still are going after higher and higher resolution and making 8K TV's as small as 75" or so. That's ridiculous and it's NOT producing "better" performing TV's.

It seems naturalness and proper motion presentation are the absolute last things that current TV manufacturer's are interested in.
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