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Originally Posted by Xenonas View Post
Bought a 65" a little over a week ago and so far I'm really happy with it as it is obviously a massive upgrade over my 40" LCD Samsung from 2010. Are there any recommended settings for video calibration out there?
I'm using the settings from until the Spears & Musil disc is finished.

Originally Posted by Fred Bang View Post
I owned the x900E 55" for two years and upgraded to the x950G 65" and I absolutely love it and feel it,s a good step up from the x900e. The first thing I noticed is how much brighter it is. The 4 inputs also support HDR as opposed to only 2 and 3 on the x900e. Finally, the TV speakers are MUCH better. It also does Dolby Vision, although honestly I was never able to see the difference with HDR10.
I have the 900E in my bedroom and love that tv!
I haven't tried Dolby Vision yet. I don't have a 4K disc player yet, but do have the ATV 4K. Maybe later I'll buy something to watch with DV.

I'm loving this tv so far!
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