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Originally Posted by NARMAK View Post
The GPU markets spiked because of a rush to use them to mine crypto currency and now that amateurs aren't getting the returns as easily, they're not buying up all the stock causing shortages and price gouging as much imo. However there's reports of a shortage of GDDR6 for the GPUs which could result in us waiting till 2021 like you say before we see those drops start to hit. However that makes a PS5 Pro and upgraded Series X look even more attractive to hardcores with native 4K and possibly up to 120fps titles at that resolution showing up.
GDDR6 was always going to have a low supply because noone else used it aside from Nvidia. This will be the first full year someone other then Samsung is manufacturing GDDR6, SNK and Micron are now the other 2 manufacturers. Now with Navi using GDDR6 and it being included in PS5 and Xbox X lets hope the supply holds.
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