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Originally Posted by Derb View Post
Well I have enough $ to pre-order it now. If it is revealed early next month, Im wasting 0 time getting my order in.

Whats kinda interesting is it resets everyone equal for MP ques. Meaning because everyone will have the same speed drive, no one will have an advantage over another. Example, because I have an SSD Im always first 99% of the time to load into BF2 & pick 1 of the 10 heroes available while others are still loading into the map.
I guess if we can play BC on PS5, technically theyll have the advantage over PS4 owners even if they have an SSD installed.

2 things I hope get address with DS5. 1 being triggers. They suck in direct comparison to MS. 2 being thumbsticks. Slippery rubber texture needs to go. Hopefully both see some improvements.

I doubt well get info on cooling. If we see a small cosmetic appealing console, red flags will be raised. lol
Just an overall general improvement to the Dualshock 4 in those areas and battery life would be fine. Haven't really been having an issue with the triggers but it's a standard haptic feedback version now so that should help solve the issue you have.

Me personally i want to see if we get 120fps on any MP titles. That for Fortnite would be nice and of course a controller with the back buttons.
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