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Originally Posted by Derb View Post
Honestly if Sony made a 1st party Pro DS5 Controller separate for sale for $150US, Id buy it Day 1.
I honestly feel like Sony could make their own and price it better than other offerings. Even as a way to stick it to MS but you're right, they'll probably price it higher because the markets are that way.

If it was maybe a 50-65 version on sale with paddles built in per the patent and build quality increased over stock, i'd probably be fine with that. However they could also then release a full on Elite style 4 paddle version as a 3rd option at the very top end. Kind of like their headsets. They had a Silver, Gold and Platinum i believe. Wired, wireless and even more premium 3D audio wireless. I feel like Sony has options but maybe they'll wait a bit for eSports to get a little bigger and create more demand.
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