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Originally Posted by pillBOXhat View Post
I totally dig a Fantasy Franchise, but u should let Turner run this one. I need ur undivided attention for the Madden 2011 Prize Franchise. It's gonna be hard trying to get people to stick around since we have so many Franchise's already. Hey, won't Big be running his 2011 Fantasy Franchise?
I wasn't planning on keeping the Franchise in this Forum, haha. I was gonna make one like the one we got for yours and just post 'news' as headlines. Nothing as time consuming as the current website is. But don't worry, when I re-do our current site it'll be much easier to update and take only around 10-20 minutes so I'll be able to easily do it. Then again, school starts up again right when the season begins lol.

We'll see, though. (: But don't worry, because your league'll come first when it comes to updates to the site. I already gave you my allegiance, or however it's spelled, homie g.
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