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Originally Posted by HollyPopDid View Post
I wasn't planning on keeping the Franchise in this Forum, haha. I was gonna make one like the one we got for yours and just post 'news' as headlines. Nothing as time consuming as the current website is. But don't worry, when I re-do our current site it'll be much easier to update and take only around 10-20 minutes so I'll be able to easily do it. Then again, school starts up again right when the season begins lol.

We'll see, though. (: But don't worry, because your league'll come first when it comes to updates to the site. I already gave you my allegiance, or however it's spelled, homie g.

Then let me Be co owner then Trust i'll help out considerably and like i said with my new schedule i have time to actually do things like work on updates and such. If a Game due date for this league lets say is on a friday i can updat ethings on saturday which i have off.
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