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Originally Posted by HollyPopDid View Post
What, Hell no.

Just kidding. I was gonna message you and ask if you'd be Co-Owner anyways. But, when I say Co-Owner, I mean you're the second owner, lol. We'd have equal power; no one would be ahead of anyone. (:

But yeah, I chose Wednesday because it would give everyone time before the weekend to schedule and they'd most likely pick the weekend to play because they have the most free time.. If that made sense. It'll probably change though. Might ask around.
Wednesday is Fine, I have Thursdays off too

I work Monday-Tuesday-Wed-Frid 8:30 to 7

I have thrus and weekends off

Sounds good Holly this will actually be alot of fun tbh, it will see who has skills to pick the right players at the right time and such and such
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