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Originally Posted by scott1256ca View Post
Have you done any, or are aware of any side by side comparisons of VC-1 vs. AVC at BD bitrates? If so, can you elaborate on the pros and cons of each?
Are there any hard "this one is better at these bitrates" types of statements you can make?

Well, the studios do this all the time, but the results never get published. As for doing a public "shootout", there's many pitfalls to the concept. First, there's very little copyright free uncompressed content available. Certainly no full length movies. Even when there is some content available (like Elephants Dream), everyone complains it's not a real movie.

Second, there's always the "you didn't use our latest and greatest encoder" excuse. Since there's always another latest and greatest on the way, it's very easy to trivialize the results of any shootout.

I've seen some of the statements made on AVS about AVC looking better at high bitrates and VC-1 looking better at low bitrates. At low bitrates, the encoder implementation will most likely overshadow any particular codec features. At high bitrates, H.264 may have an advantage since the loop filter can be entirely disabled (which seems to be the case for many current movies) and more high frequency detail can be coded by the use of flatter scaling matrices. However, my guess is that both codecs look remarkably alike at high bitrates.

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