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Originally Posted by DaViD Boulet View Post
we see a lot of HD DVD/Amir-speak suggesting that the bit-rates on BD above 20mbps are not needed for video transparency.

Can you comment? Even if transparency can be achieved by careful compression, are there cost-savings with making things easier by opening up the bit-rate during encoding? Do AVC and VC-1 behave similarly at the various bit-rate levels? Are there advantages with one over the other in different applications?
Depends on where your coming from. From a broadcast perspective, bitrates over 20 Mbps are astronomical. Everybody is trying to develop encoders that will go as low as possible and anything over 10 Mbps is considered high.

But blue laser is a different animal. IMHO, there's no reason not to use all the available bits on the medium (unless the movie is just too short or not complex enough). Higher bitrates are always better than lower bitrates. You may not be able to perceive the difference, but why worry about that if you have the bit budget?

Although I work at an H.264 company and know more about it, there's no doubt that VC-1 is an excellent codec. Given some of the high bitrate encodes we've seen lately (like Ratatouille), it's seems like a waste of energy trying to declare a winner. The real winner is the consumer. You're getting some truly "transparent" encodes (aside from 8-bit and 4:2:0 issues) with both codecs, and you should be ecstatic that the blue laser formats and advanced codecs make this possible.

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