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H265 is not exclusive to 4K. That was what its designers had in mind, but you could use any number of H265 encoders to compress any video, it doesn't have to be 4K video. It is a more efficient way of encoding video than the older standards like VC-1, MPEG-4 AVC or MPEG-2, but that doesn't automatically mean it will always be twice as efficient as H264. Under certain conditions, I have seen where video encoded with x264 still looks better than the same thing done with x265. More things still support H264 not just because it is an older standard, but also because H265 (along with 10 and 12-bit color depth) takes significantly more processor power to decode. Support for H265 (things that can play it) is getting to be more and more common. But tablets and phones usually are not going to have enough processing power to play H265-encoded video. One area where H265 will really be beneficial is with television programming and streaming providers since H265 is more efficient and thus requires less bandwidth. For movies, I think they would have been fine staying with H264 and just using a bigger disc.

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