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Originally Posted by Canada View Post
Start at about 43 minutes...
1. If Joe’s home audiences are seeing such a dramatic difference in 4:4:4 vs. 4:2:0 with real world motion picture content then I highly suggest he find a better (state-of-the-art) solution for that conversion processing as something is ‘off’ with his materials and methods.

2. Joe...“I believe it’s only 8 bit”.
From last Jan. -
Not to mention the fact that HEVC will continue to advance with work started on extensions for 12-bit video and 4:2:2 and 4:4:4 chroma formats with planned completion in 2014.

3. Rather than dismissing in a cavalier fashion Dolby’s efforts (who are the defacto leaders in HDR research and development [at least since ’07 - ])

His HDR expertise might be better served in this role -

Or, perhaps spending less time on talk shows geared to consumers lecturing about HDR and more to other eductional settings, like so -
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