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Originally Posted by HDTV1080P View Post
Pioneer owners who have not upgraded to 4K Ultra HD projectors or OLED flat panels yet, might want to purchase a OPPO UDP-203 first. Watching native 4K Ultra HD Blu-rays downscaled to 1080P has a better picture quality on the Pioneer plasma in terms of black levels when compared to watching the same movie in true 4K Ultra HD quality on a low cost 4K Ultra HD flat panel screen that has poor black levels. The HEVC codec with its high bit rates peaking above 100Mbps for some movie scenes, appears to produce a 5-10% better picture quality on the 1080P Pioneer plasmas when compared to standard 1080P Blu-ray discs that have lower video bit rates.
I bought an Oppo UDP-203 one year ago, and Dolby Vision UHDs look fantastic, but HDR10 discs have weird purple artifacting (purple fringing).
I thought it was going to die last year, as the PQ seemed off (weak black levels), but after doing a factory reset, it was all well again. An absolutely amazing piece of equipment.
I think I will buy an LG C9 65inch this year though, as I simply want a bigger screen.

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