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Is it just me, or should Speed just change their name to "Buncha Nascar stuff"? I was shocked at how little coverage they had of the Daytona 24hrs, especially with it being out of season for Nascar. I think there was about 4, maybe 6 hours coverage (I could be wrong, but that's all I remember seeing). I don't expect full 24hrs, but I was hoping for at least 8 or 12.

I just wish there was a legit channel that aired a little big of everything - enduros, LM, DTM, F1, GP2, Nascar, etc. - instead of, essentially, the Barret Jackson Nascar channel. It's just repeats of Barrett Jackson auctions and Narcar races. They'll replay Nascar race from say Bristol 2009 four times before they replay anything else.

Actually, do they do any GP2 or DTM stuff? I think I've seen one of the latter in the past 4 or 5 months. I'm pretty sure last year they did show full 24hrs of LeMans, hopefully it is that way this year.

Edit: Also, I didn't consider them not having rights for stuff either. So if that's the case then I guess I understand, to an extent. It just feels like there is hardly any variety at all anymore.

Sorry for the rant.
I think they did at least 14hrs of the 24hr of Dayton. The only time I have seen GP2 races is during F1 season, can't recall ever seeing replays of the races. And the other sports car races are basically race highlights put in a 1hr block which I cant stand so I never watch it. I believe they do full races of MotoGP but I think for the most part they are tape delayed.

Unfortunately NASCAR is the 800lb gorilla in racing so they will get the majority of air time and Fox is going to want to get their moneys worth.

It would be nice if they got rid of those horrible reality shows though and replace them with full races of foreign sports car races (minus full course yellow for time saving).

I don't have high hopes for ESPN3 coverage. ABC/ESPN don't have anybody that can call races, but maybe their hired some new people to do that.

I didn't watch the steaming Laguna Seca race but I never had an issue with the ALMS races on Speed, they were always better to listen to then the Grand Am races though.
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