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Just finalized our 4 dedicated demo suites for the NY Audio Show. Here's what we're demoing in each room:

Room 902: Sound United, which is Marantz and Definitive Technology with two systems being demo'd with one new surprise system.

Room 903: All Technics with the flagship R1 Reference Amplifier and Floor Standing speakers and the new SL-1000R Turntable all in all a $100k system

Room 906: Dynaudio with the Contour 60 tower speakers powered by Octave's tube processor and two tube mono block amps. Plus one surprise system.

Room 908: GoldenEar Triton Reference floor standing speakers powered by Peachtree's high-end Nova300 integrated power amp.

We have a few nice audio enthusiasts accessories in each room to enhance our visitors experiences.

If you are in or near NYC this is an audio enthusiast must see event.
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