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Minor spoilers ahead, just in case.

Did a double feature of this and House of Gucci last weekend, and I definitely ended up liking Encanto better. It was a lovely little movie- much more small scale than I was expecting. I only watched one or two previews, so I didn't know entirely what to expect; the trailers I saw made it seem like she went on some grand adventure, but keeping it all confined to the magical house was a really unique, totally Disney-esque take that I liked.

My biggest gripe was just the underdevelopment of some of the characters- there were a lot of characters, and for the most part, other than maybe the Dad and the older son, they all got their moment to shine. It's definitely a female-centric movie, which I liked, and Mirabel was a really likeable protagonist. I appreciated, too, that it was another Disney movie without a villain, being purely character-driven. The humor really did it for me, too, especially with Uncle Bruno's introduction.

The songs were really lovely too, even if I don't necessarily think it had a big "hit song" (which was actually kind of refreshing- instead of focusing on making a hit song, they just focused on making songs to fit the story). They're all very clearly Lin-Manuel Miranda's wheelhouse, and it was a lovely reflection of the culture.

I liked the message, too. I was worried they may reveal Mirabel to have some sort of late-blooming power, or alternatively, keep the other family's powers gone, but I liked that they kept everything as they were at the beginning. The message of "you're special just the way you are" is often used in family films, granted, but I thought it was handled really well here.

It's not the best Disney animated movie, and I personally wouldn't include it as an instant classic, but having gone in with zero expectations other than to be entertained, I really enjoyed myself, and can see myself rewatching it down the road.
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