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Originally Posted by CouncilSpectre View Post
From memory isn't there a blue tint?
Originally Posted by CinemaScope View Post
Ha, I really don't like the look of the Blu-ray, it looks far too cool & drab for me
I was very disappointed with the BD transfer. The sand looks grubby, the sky looks grey-green, the dress togas look like they've been put through a hot wash with something light blue, and (most critically) the opulent gold in sequences like the procession into Rome looks more like brass. With people claiming they can't see it, it's like an episode of the Emperor's New Teal. I just cannot believe that's how the film is meant to look.

Originally Posted by The Great Owl View Post
It's tough to say what is "correct", but I'm inclined to take the Blu-rays at face value over the DVD presentations.
But you don't have to claim the DVD is right to be able to say the BD is wrong. Apart from the fact that it's not a simple binary either/or -- either a teal-leaning BD or a magenta-leaning DVD -- we know the colour space issues with DVDs are a technical limitation, but we've seen enough BDs that don't have this problem to know that there it must be an intentional choice. I find it very frustrating, when it diminishes (imo) the visual impact of a film like this one.
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