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Originally Posted by Okiephile View Post
Does anyone have any experience with the usb add on to make oppo 103 region free?
The $50 RS232/USB plugin module from avsdigital (and others) has been teh standard BD mod for all OPPO from the 80-205. It's rock solid, allowx ext or internal installation, firmware independent. The external installation really is 15 seconds (unplug unit, plug the module into RS232 port and USB port, plug unit back in, done and active) and I think it took me 10 minutes or less to do the internal install and 9.5 minutes of that was removing/replacing screws for the cover

Other than the process to change BD from region to region being more complicated than those one button switches, I don't know anyone that have had any complaints.

At least I'm assuming you're asking about something like this.


It's a bit odd that this 57.99 listing is now sold out since as far as I can remember this listing has been active for 7-8 years. The similar (identical) items listed as 93 or 203 seem to be exactly the same other than the price. Hopefully the cheaper version will be relisted at some point. I think the $69 listing is the exact same item. I think I got my second one for a 103D for $52 on a "MAKE OFFER" last year and had one for my 93 since 2012

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