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Originally Posted by bluearth View Post

- Amazing Black Levels. My desktop background is solid black. When I turned off the TV I didnt notice a change in the black level. Im sure OLED is better but this has to be as good as it gets for a traditional backlit panel.

- 4K HDR is jaw dropping (duh). I was watching a 4K aquarium video and it looked like the TV had turned into an actual aquarium with depth. This TV is suppose to have around 1100 nits of brightness when your standard bargain bin 4K HDR TV has around 200, but I havent really seen a light 'pop' yet. Maybe my settings are quite right or I just havent watched the right video yet.

- I havent played any games on it yet (PS5 arrives next week) but it feels like there's practically no lag with my mouse pointer when in game mode. Apparently input lag in game mode is 15ms, which is solid.

- I'm very impressed with the TV's motion interpolation (soap opera effect). rtings said there is artifacts around fast moving objects when motion interpolation is active but I havent really noticed it yet. It does a much better job at this then my brother's old Sony 850b

- Watch Free TV - If your TV is connected to the internet you can stream many, many channels for free. Most content on these channels is B level TV shows but the vast number of channels (over 200 at least) ensure quantity beats quality. I'll definitely browse these channels again from time time. The picture quality on them is just OK. Im guesing they were 720p and somewhat below average bit-rate based on how they looked. Not bad, but just passable.


- Some color banding issues in inferior content like 720p or low bit rate videos. I've only seen minor banding in one 4K HDR video, but I really only noticed it because I was looking for it. My brother owns an old Sony 850b 4K that had massive color gradient issues, this TV is nowhere near that. Color banding bothers me alot but the gradient issues here is by no means a deal breaker for me. But if you are planning on watching alot of low quality content on this set be prepared, it seems it won't upscale it extremely well.

- There's very light blooming even when the Active Fully Array is set to Low. You don't want to turn it off though as this is what gives you the deep blacks. When you turn the active full array up too high blooming is really bad, but this might be the best way to watch HDR movies. I'll look into picture settings another time.

- Turning the TV on is a bit of a pain. You have to point the controller directly at the bottom center of it, at least it seems that way.

Very, very happy with the TV so far. Can't wait to finally try 4K movies on it next week with the PS5 and test game input lag for real
I'm curious, what setting are you using for active full array in SDR? I ask because I like medium for HDR content but think I'm liking high more for SDR.
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