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Okay, so I received the P85qx-h1 a few days before Christmas and i've had some time to play around with it, so here's a preliminary review, featuring pros and cons.

Remember, I use the TV exclusively for watching 4k uhd blu-rays and streaming 4k via my new Roku Ultra(with Dolby Vision). I don't watch sports anymore, but my son was checking out an NFL game on regular cable and it looked REALLY good. The 1080i upscale to 4k was VISIBLY better than my 2018 P75 Vizio as far as cable is concerned.

The TV is HUGE. I have a stand that's 71 inches wide and it hangs off about two inches on each side. The legs of the tv are far apart, about five inches from the tip of the screen. Okay, enough of that.


Gorgeous picture: fantastic blacks, nice colors and bright as hell. "Bright" mode is what I'm using for 4k UHD blu-rays and it looks BEAUTIFUL, with very little adjustments. Seriously, this thing rivals OLED as far as black levels, without the danger of burn in, and is MUCH brighter.

Dolby Vision: Unlike past Vizio tv's I've had, Dolby Vision isn't too dark. In fact, it's perfect. A slight but visible improvement over HDR 10.

ROKU Ultra: Looks fantastic. Been watching YouTube 4k videos and they look outrageously good. "The mandalorian" looks phenomenal, as does 4k stuff via netflix, Vudu, etc.

Off angle viewing: The TV actually has a function that IMPROVES off angle viewing. It's called "Enhanced Angle Viewing" and it actually kinda works!


1. The built in streaming apps are slow and buggy as hell. I don't use them.

2. My Logitech Harmony One remote does not turn the tv on, nor switch the inputs. It's annoying AF. In fact, the TV is not even listed in the Harmony database when trying to program it. The closest thing they have listed is the 75 inch, which, apparently, must work differently than the 85, because the harmony doesn't work. Once the tv is on, you can use the harmony to perform certain tasks with the tv, like turn it off, but it's basically useless. VERY annoying.

3. I have a Sony 1080dn AVR, and it was having handshake issues with the TV. I have a Panasonic 4k uhd blu-ray with it's own separate audio output so i run the video from the Panasonic straight into the tv and the audio straight into the receiver. It looks like the eARC thing doesn't work well with older AVR's.

And that's it, for now. IMO, the TV is well worth getting and despite it's flaws, I'm glad I got it.
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