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$18 with shipping still seems like a little bit much for this title, for me personally. And yet I pounced when DeepDiscount had it for closer to $15 w/ shipping. So I went ahead and ordered from Best Buy because I kept feeling nervous they'll raise it back up.

I'm just so conditioned by Mill Creek titles being like $5-8 and bargain quality. Is this an actual great deal, or just early access to the price it'll be down to shortly after release? Will the steelbook be very limited, or will it be lining the shelves of every Fry's and FYE by the summer? Who's to saaaay? Will a motorcycle crash through my window and crush me, causing a premature death while I'm thinking about this trivial stuff? Whoooo's the saaa
Its really wild people saying 18 is high for this movie. I remember paying 30 for a bootleg on eBay. In a slim case with paper artwork. I have two copies of the VS UHD and this is worth the $ for the steelbook alone. Let alone if I missed out on the VS release like a lot of other people did. I would pay 50 for this steelbook just to know I got an official release. I think it will be somewhat limited but enough that you don't have to preorder it . I'm sure it will still be available for next Christmas
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