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Originally Posted by greendemoncustoms View Post
Its really wild people saying 18 is high for this movie. I remember paying 30 for a bootleg on eBay. In a slim case with paper artwork. I have two copies of the VS UHD and this is worth the $ for the steelbook alone. Let alone if I missed out on the VS release like a lot of other people did. I would pay 50 for this steelbook just to know I got an official release. I think it will be somewhat limited but enough that you don't have to preorder it . I'm sure it will still be available for next Christmas
Yeahh it's why I had to add in, "for me, personally" But I totally get that owning this movie has been worth even $100+ for some people.

That's good context though. I forgot to even consider the pre-Vinegar Syndrome efforts to own this.
I'mma just thank my lucky stars we get to own this in an official package at this point. While also silently hoping a store pick-up option gets introduced so I can save 3.99 on shipping.
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