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Originally Posted by TitusTroy View Post
so the Rockets traded Harden for basically Victor Oladipo and a ton of draft picks?...terrible trade for Houston...this is not like the Nets/Celtics trade involving Garnett and Pierce for draft picks

with the Celtics trade Garnett and Pierce were at the very end of their careers so the picks were much more valuable...with Houston the picks won't mean as much because KD, Kyrie and Harden are in their primes and will be a championship contender for the next 3-5 years
Thatís Hardenís fault, not Houstonís.

What team in their right mind was going to give away half their team for a guy whoís a ball hog, comes up small in the playoffs, canít get along with his teammates and showed up fat to start the season and basically quit on his team?

...draft picks and a total rebuild was the only option.
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