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Originally Posted by West E View Post
I felt the same way about AD at the beginning of last season but then I said "you know what? I'm beyond caring about this dude". Hopefully Rockets fan just move on. They have a future now with all of the picks that they got. That's lots of trade bait for years to come like OKC and NOLA have.

Brooklyn may win, they may implode and never develop chemistry. I just don't like the quitting and holding teams hostage thing that clearly works. I love Durant so whatever happens, happens. Lakers vs Nets would be fun and would be a ratings bonanza. Plus I want to see KD vs Lebron again just for the fun of it. The lasting image is KD hitting that big 3 on Lebron.
Not defending Anthony Davis but Harden is worse. He had 2 seasons left on his contract and instead of just requesting a trade he trolled his way out and acted like the Rockets owed him something.

I like giving the benefit of the doubt because a lot of times you donít really know the situation. Hypothetically he could have had a good reason but whatís been reported and how he comes off shows he only cared about getting his way.

It seems to be the case with all the players who want out of a team.

Like others have said they could trade him anywhere. I know itís not really possible to keep him out of spite and thereís not many teams willing to give up worthwhile assets...but he quits and they basically sent him to the NBA Finals.
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