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Originally Posted by sonic_debauchery View Post
When running arc the default used to be 5000hz. I believe with arc genesis 2 they lowered it to 500 hz? That is where I had the best room correction in my old theater.

My Anthem Mrx 720 has unfortunately been in the box for the last 3 years because of selling, buying homes and having to finish a basement.

Nonetheless Anthem arc is amazing. So is pbk/arc on Paradigm and Martin Logan subwoofers.

I would not buy a sub without its own correction software. Just amazing.
My Defiance X 15 has ARC and I love the app!
I switch between -14 for music to -11 for movies on the fly from my phone.
I like not having to go into the menu in the AVR to make adjustments.

As for the new AVRs, I’d like to get the 540, but think that the 740 should be considered in case I move sometime and can utilize the extra channels.
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