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Originally Posted by Robert Zohn View Post
We shipped our first two allocations of HU810PWs and AU810PBs, but LG just told us they are further delayed on the third shipment. Tomorrow we'll be offering our clients on our wait list two very special exclusive offers to upgrade to LG's GRU510N 5,000 Nits projector and LG's UST HU85LA projector. So our clients will have the option to wait for the HU810PW/AU810PB or get an immediate shipment of their choice of the HU85LA or GRU510N.

On another matter, one of my clients was incorrectly informed by a member on another forum who is saying the AU810PB's extra features, like, IP & RS232 control, HEX codes to program a remote and CalMAN auto calibration are not working. This is not true, the IP and RS232 control is working well as CalMAN auto calibration, and the discrete HEX codes are listed on pages 154 - 156 of the AU810PB owners manual.

Email me if anyone wants a copy of the owners manual.
I hate it when people give BS or incorrect information to make a sale. a customer is never going to berate you for telling them you dont know and will research it for them if they can give you a few minutes.
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