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Originally Posted by jd_from_da_80s View Post
I have the 55" OLED & it's a solid TV IMO. Only gripes I have & that my Harmony Elite doesn't change the outputs. There's a work around for that, but I read that the latest update fixes it. I also read that the latest update fixes 4K@120 for the PS5, I just haven't received the update yet, but some people that got the update are saying they still having issues. There's a work around for that also, but you have to change the transmission on the PS5 to -1. Chroma subsampling will be 4:2:2 instead of 4:4:4. It also doesn't have Bluetooth so I can't retire my RF175 headphones yet. Of course there are adapters for sale.

Biggest issue is a lot of banding & crushed blacks when watching cable (Spectrum while watch 1917, End of Watch, The Gentleman) & Netflix (The Originals, HD plan) Blacks look like bugs crawling on the TV. That could just be me as I haven't had it calibrated & while some mention they are having that issue other say they are not. These issues are nonexistent when watching the disc of those same movies.

I've had the box in my house since Nov 9th in case I decide to take it back (last day is Jan 14th) but I think I'm leaning towards keeping it as what I saw at CES was underwhelming. I can't complain for $900 but if I would have paid $1,300 I might not be as forgiving.

Good luck

Edit: Another minor annoyance, when watching blurays & using the PS5, the volume rocker pops up for no reason. I read that on other Vizio TVs you could hide the volume rocker, but not on the OLED. No idea if this is fixed on the current update.
I ended up buying the OLED and I love it! Just a drastic increase in PQ compared to what I had before in the P55-F1.
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