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Originally Posted by RalphoR View Post
Nice card! The funny thing is I bought the Heretic/Hexen pack from Steam. I'm sure the 3070 is staring at me and thinking: "are you serious?"
I remember those games well! Hexen was a big hit at nerd lan parties back in the day.

Thanks for the tip, now I'm gonna have to go to steam and pick up that pack. But I wish it were that easy to get an RTX 3000 series card. Been trying to get my hands on a 3080 since my ol' 1070 died a few weeks back. I settled for a 2060 Super for now as one became available, which will go into a 2nd build after I get my hands on a 3080. It's actually a great card, but I sure hope it can handle Hexen! Ye ol' Vesa Local Bus was barely able to do it.
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