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I have been living with the SVS Prime Pinnacles and Ultra Center for a little bit now and I just can't say anything bad about them. My wife likes them so much that we have now ordered an SB-3000 and 2 pairs of the Prime Elevation speakers. I cannot wait to hook them up. I am really looking forward to replacing my 20 year old Polk FXi A4 surrounds, even if I have to go into the attic to move some wires around. We will be going from 5.1 to 7.2.

This will also be the first time running two subs for me. My budget BIC F-12 is okay but I know that the 3000 will really fill out the bottom end. We will see if the BIC is any help at all once I get things tweaked to my liking.

I will be using the Elevation speakers as side and rear surrounds. I'll post my thoughts here on those in a week or two.
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