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Originally Posted by shinseiRomeo View Post
Well guys, I found out I was wrong about the Star Wars exclusives, I'm missing one. Heading to a
[Show spoiler]walmart
now to get a Boba Fett poster, as the one I visited yesterday and also a second one that I called has incompetent employees who had no clue what I was talking about. Now off I go to drive to a store 16mi away each way to get my damn exclusive poster... only then can I die happy.
But are you going to be able to get the posters without buying another set? I still don't know how you got those FYE posters for free, when I called I was told they are only available if you buy a trilogy or the whole set.

But I did pick up The Complete Saga today, and I also found the tshirt, so in addition to the film cell and lithographs I am happy.
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