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Originally Posted by Chaotic View Post
havent seen the 2D version yet since it hast come yet but i love the 3D cover.
The regular slipcover looks great. Love the embossing on it but the 3D slipcovers looks even better.

Originally Posted by Miadaskate View Post
I'll get the reg. 2D & 3D on Friday. Hopefully I won't have trouble finding them with slips still. Also gotta pick up Hanna & Bridesmaids, and Breakfast At Tiffany's, then wait the next weeks for Transformers & Fast Five!
You shouldn't have any problems on getting both versions with slip. Different story for the BB exclusive. I read that some BB's have sold out on them.

Bridesmaids and BAT will be mine next week too. Also, can't forget about Dumbo.
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