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Over the years I sold most of the comics that I a massed while working for the distributor, especially the variants, but I have some stuff saved. I have a complete run of Amazing Spider-Man #298-$328 all signed by McFarlane his store he used to have here was on my delivery route when I was doing deliveries so he would sign all my stuff when I would come in. Super nice guy.

One of my gems is a first printing set of Frank Miller's The Dark Knight Returns mini-series picking them up when they were first released. In the early 90's when Dark Horse was putting on conventions, I went down for work and Frank Miller was there unofficially but wasn't signing, just was "there" at the show talking with creator friends of his and the publisher of Dark Horse asked me if I wanted to meet him. I had my four issues with me since Klaus Janson was there and I was having him sign them, so when I was introduced to Frank, he saw them in my hand and asked me if I wanted him to sign them and I know everyone knows the response. He never really signed much and I don't believe he does any conventions anymore, so having these is a nice addition. I have been fortunate to have met a large number of comic industry professionals, many of which I can still call my friend to this day.
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