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Originally Posted by Mrah1949 View Post
Because I am not allowed to post a new thread ?, too short member ?, I hope you can help me.

Hello I am new to Blu-Ray (and the forum) but I am very pleased with it on Windows and the Android app.

I can not find how, and where I can add movies/tv series manually to "My movies" (watched) list because I can not find:
- The society, 2019, season 1
- Instinct, 2018, season 1
- Pine gap, 2018, season 1
- Reverie, 2019, season 1
- Seven seconds, 2018, season 1
- Smoking, 2018, season 1
- The first, 2018, season 1
- Tidelands, 2018, season 1
- Chambers, 2019, season 1
- Close, 2019, movie
- Hanna, 2019, season 1
- The order, 2019, season 1

I really would appreciate some help in this matter.
I found theatrical (Movies) entries for some of them:

The rest need to have new theatrical entries created for them. Then, you'll be able to add them to your Watched section.

Edited to add: I've submitted entries for the ones that are missing. They should be added to the database later today.

Originally Posted by Mrah1949 View Post
2nd and last question:
How can I move a movie in "My movies" frowm Owned to Watched ?

Thanks already very much for helping this Blu-Ray newby :-)
The "Watched" checkbox:

[Show spoiler]

The movie will stay in your "Owned" section but also appear in your "Watched" section.

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