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Originally Posted by Michael24 View Post
I've been totally smitten with Jennifer Love Hewitt for years. Ever since the little-seen Byrds of Paradise, which she starred in prior to Party of Five. But it was I Know What You Did Last Summer where I fell hopelessly in love with her.

I really enjoyed Ghost Whisperer, and not just for the little low-cut tops she was usually in. I like all that supernatural stuff, too. Heck, I even watched The Client List, although I thought it actually was never quite as risque as the promo campaigns made us believe it would be. I also have her albums, all of them except her very first, which she released as a kid and nowadays goes for $100+ online!

Still, I'll watch her in pretty much anything. Besides being incredibly hot (IMO, hotter than most of the people who normally take the #1 spots on "hottest" lists), she has such a fun, bubbly personality that is totally irresistible. We are only two months apart in age, so in a weird sort of way it feels like we've grown up together, and I can't believe she's a mom now. That just makes me feel old. LOL!!
I feel the exact same way about Jennifer Love Hewitt that you feel, Michael24. Except I have never seen Byrds of Paradise and I am 3 years older than her (and you). I also have all of her albums except the first one.

However, I won't even pay $100+ for an Anthrax or Iron Maiden album let alone an album by a non-metal musician, even if it is the really nice, fun, bubbly, down to earth, incredibly hot, totally irresistible JLH.

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