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It was very good but some of the vintage 3D titles put it to shame (The Bubble, It Came From Outer Space, House Of Wax etc..)

By the way, Aliens and both Terminator films are amongst my absolute faves also.

The only modern films that blew me away 3D wise were ‘The Walk’, ‘Gravity’ and ‘Endgame.’
I absolutely agree! Whilst The Walk is post-converted, I genuinely believe its use of 3D is significantly better than Avatar's. I also love the film and, taking into account both the quality of the film and the quality of the 3D, I reckon it could be my favourite.
It's weird, I've never been remotely concerned on behalf of a film maker regarding their up-coming films, and James Cameron appears to be an ultra resilient kind of guy - but I'm genuinely worried on his behalf about how well Avatar 2 will be received and how well it will do. Personally, it's by far my most eagerly awaited film - but I'm worried the world will shrug...
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