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I absolutely agree! Whilst The Walk is post-converted, I genuinely believe its use of 3D is significantly better than Avatar's. I also love the film and, taking into account both the quality of the film and the quality of the 3D, I reckon it could be my favourite.
It's weird, I've never been remotely concerned on behalf of a film maker regarding their up-coming films, and James Cameron appears to be an ultra resilient kind of guy - but I'm genuinely worried on his behalf about how well Avatar 2 will be received and how well it will do. Personally, it's by far my most eagerly awaited film - but I'm worried the world will shrug...
I really want it to be well received. My love of Aliens, T1&T2 runs very deep, just for that reason alone, I wish him the best.

I think it will be. Disney will have a goldmine on their hands if it does. I’m sure there are huge possibilities for expansion.

Yes, I was awestruck when I watched The Walk. I was surprised the entire film was quite strong, I thought maybe it would be mild until the big event but it was exceptional all the way through.
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