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The entire point of new formats is to force people to buy new hardware.
Generally speaking ...yes, I agree with you. However when you have just come out of a format war (HD-DVD vs BD), with another one pending (DTS, Dolby, and Auro), I don't think you want to push buyers over the edge to streaming (which I personally didn't like....but I find myself doing more of it now).

The BD consortium must play this wisely if it is to succeed. There's a new animal out there...its called subscription based content and software. Microsoft is offering Windows 10 for free...for the first year. All of our business Microsoft software is now subscription based, even JRiver gets $20 a year from me if they make substantial upgrades to their software. A new disc format must first present itself as friendly before you can hook'em.

What I'm trying to stress that as it stands currently - the PC is the most 4K ready piece of gear out there. If you have the things mentioned in the original post - you are ready to receive 4K content from at least Netflix and any other means (other than 4K disc...if it changes its specs). As far as firmware updates...never had to update the firmware on any PC bluray hardware. The only updates were to my software, that's it.... only the software (player software or video card drivers).

Using the PC as my test bed (and ultimately it became my only source), I've been able to navigate changing technology with spending very little money, a lot of times...without spending any. Since dropping a standalone BD player, and for the past few years - a receiver, the only thing I've had to buy is an occasional piece of software. I have one active standalone BD player in my home ...and its basically used for Netflix for my wife (she likes the interface) we have yet to play a BD in it! We play all of our BD's on PC's. It seems like a good way to go if you are a techie.

I was in the buy a receiver every year club for a while and then I wised up. I calculated that every 1.5 years I would spend at least $1000 on a receiver! They've got you on the display - no getting around upgrading those. However, because I use a PC, I only spend about $76 to $200 on a video card - and that's only when something significant comes out (about 3 to 4 years so far...or if I just want one to get one).

That was a lot of coin for receivers (and if you calculate BD players - it gets higher). That's just too much equipment to keep buying. I've gotten rid of my cable service gear, TV all goes through PC's (and I can DVR on any TV). Got rid of my receiver - PC does everything and more than my old receiver (Onkyo 807). All I have is an abundance of power amps . I'm no longer pressed to buy gear. And with the Nvidia announcement - seems like I can look at 4K content sooner than later.

The only gear I'm ever pressed to buy is a Monitor/TV/Projector...and you can find deals on those - if you go the computer route. That's all I'm really trying to get across. Even "if" I do have to replace a piece of gear, it will be chump change compared to buying new consumer gear.
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