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Originally Posted by vargo View Post
Im not interested in what 'people' did or didn't think since its outside of my control.

Im simply explaining the technical reality. With regards to track pitch, mark length, focus depth and so forth, an optical drive can read what it is designed to read. No amount of firmware updates will give it new optical or physical capabilities.

Your current drives are capable of support BDXL discs because they were designed to do so. If a UHD disc format happens to have identical track pitch etc. to BDXL, there is a possibility that your drive could read the disc. But only a slim possibility and more from a technical perspective rather than something that would actually happen.

The entire point of new formats is to force people to buy new hardware.
One more thing for you ....take a look at this thread:

It seems than an overwhelming number of people don't want to buy new gear.
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