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Originally Posted by steve_dave View Post
99% chance it is a free ticket because of the tease. They offered up to $13 at Fandango for Warcraft. Then up to $13 at Fandango for the movie of your choice a couple of weeks later.
Originally Posted by IndyMLVC View Post
Yep. I got two free tickets out of that
Was that the very first week? When did the whole TMT's start?

I think I must have gotten in during the 2nd or 3rd week. I think I started with the week of 6/14.

And, yes, looking more closely at the app now, it's definitely a free ticket. Here's what they say when you click on the "More" link:
"The summer's biggest blockbuster rolls out next Friday. Don't you want a chance to see it . . . for free?

Check back next Tuesday and learn how you can grab your ticket. Exclusive for T-Mobile customers."
Also, what's up with the chance to win a BvS DVD? Geesh, can't at least make it a BD?

I'll try to update the OP before next week's deal comes out, but unfortunately it's been really busy over here. Sorry about that.
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