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Originally Posted by NotASpeckOfCereal View Post
Okay, now it seems that it's in stock. I can drive to a Bestbuy a few minutes from the house and pick one up today, according to their web site.

How long do you think we'll have to wait for them to drop in price?
I don't see the k9500 anywhere on Best Buy's website?

Originally Posted by Chuck_IV View Post
Since I have a Samsung tv(KS8000) this would have been a good match for it. However, I just don't see a compelling reason to spend $100 more over the Sony.

Last year, Samsung could get away with charging $400, since they were still the cheapest 4K player. But with the Sony and LG being $300, which is what they are competing against, it will be a hard sell at $400.

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I also agree about the price difference especially since the Sony does Bluetooth and has most of the same "new" features of the new Samsung including hi-res audio. Plus the Sony supports all disc types. Unless of course the Samsung gets rave reviews, upped its build quality, and has benefits to some like true 10 bit output like the K8500. There is always a maybe that it could be worth the extra $100 I suppose. Time will tell.

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