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OK so I am stuck deciding between a K8500 or the new M9500. I have bad stuttering issues with my X800 and am on my 3rd unit still with the same problem so I believe for whatever reason it just does not wanna play nice with my TV. I have tried..

1. 3 different X800s
2. All new certified mono price hdmi cables(replaced mediabridge ultra cables)
3. Bypassed AVR
4. Redid my power setup and moved things to other outlets(even tried having the player straight to the wall with no surge protector in between).
5. Turned of all motion processing on the TV
6. Tried different HDMI inputs on the TV
7. Different setting on player(deep color off, forcing 4:2:2, quick start off)

I would love to blame this on the TV but have no issues with anything else hooked up to it. Standard Blu disc in X800 stutter, same disc in my other Sony player no stutter. I don't think I can be getting bad player after bad player but know I never seen this with the K8500 which played every disc beautifully but I moved on after 3 flat out bricked and died after a couple of months and I thought the X800 would save me

So now I need to decide if I save $100 and give a fourth K8500 a shot or pay and extra $100 to try the M9500. Panny is too expensive and I have no interest in the LG or Philips. Any opinions on whether the M9500 is worth the extra $200 over the K8500?
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