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Originally Posted by ArrestedDevelopment View Post
It's sad that we even have this thread lmao. Speaks volumes about how bad retail is in Canada.
Well I kind of disagree with that statement.

If you're familiar with Cinema Sickness, he built an enormous Media collection by going to Thrift Shops/Garage Sales/Swap Meets and finding some gems for fractions of the retails prices.

I was kind of suprised their wasn't a thread like this already created with members posting their finds and giving the heads up on what was available at the store they went.

On top of that, the money you spend in either Goodwill, Salvation Army or Value Village, a portion and sometimes more than 90% of the revenues from the sales they make are being given to charities all over Canada.

I go to Value Village once every 2 weeks, I drop off old clothes/dvd's/CD's/books on a regular basis, some of these stores will give you rebates on purchases if you bring in stuff for them to resell.

Also, retail isn't that bad in Canada, we might not have as much available as the US has but being that they're like 10 times bigger than us in population means that companies could offer better prices considering their larger population. But we over-spend a lot, we (the people) are part of those over-spenders in today's standards, when you could get the same movies/CD's/books for fractions of what we pay for them, but we like what we do, it's our own choices (well the girlfriend hates the movie collection, but at least she likes me enough to get over all the room it takes )

What's bad in Canada is the monopoly's that drive a lot of the market. For us in Quebec, Alcohol is regulated by the SAQ ''A government corporation whose mandate is to sell alcoholic beverages and whose mission is to provide superior service to the Quebec public by offering a broad range of quality products'' A branch of the government sets the price points for alcohol, and it ends up that in Quebec, we pay more than any other provinces while being the provinces that consumes the most, logically economies of scales should apply, but Quebec can't stop milking that cow. Then we have the 3 main Cell Phone/Data provider, they set their own price, which is way higher than in the states. And last but not least, the biggest monopoly in Quebec ... Hydro Quebec, the Quebecois created that company that now steals all of it's clients and the government barely slaps them on the wrist for overcharging because it's their biggest cash cow.

Anyways that was a tangeant and a half , all in all, i'm all for people finding deals where ever they want, personnaly it's kind of a treasure hunt, sometimes you can find 1-2 blu-rays for 2-3$ or you could find something that OOP. I've found 3 Criterion releases in the past year at the Value Village in the West Island (Dollard Des Ormeaux) and I even sold one for 10 times the price I paid for it, that money eventually paid for those overpriced Steelbooks that Best Buy sells.

I should just said ''A good deal is hard to pass'' !!!

Post more finds here !!

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