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So for me, it is more about finding more places to buy movies and the cheaper the better.

True, some people don't buy used, but sometimes you can find real gems in used inventory because -- well someone thought it was good enough to buy it before!

Also, there are a good portion (maybe 20%) of discs which are still brand new.

Salvation Army and Value Village have been a little secret for me for the past few years. I've grown my DVD and BD collection considerably by going to out-of-town stores.

Most importantly, they are typically around $2.99 for DVDs and $4.99 for BDs. If you add discounts, they are typically either 30% off or occasionally 50% off which is way cheaper than the more organized shops like The Beat Goes On, Audiovideo Centre, or Legends.

At Legends, you are paying $7.00 for an average DVD, but the advantage there is that they are sorted and typically in better condition.

At SA or VV, it maybe $1.00-2.00 each with discounts which brings a lot of movies under the blind buy threshold for me.

Besides, there is the thrill of the hunt! I think that is the biggest attraction.

Secondly, there is the charity aspect, and also preventing a lot of these OOP discs from ending up in the landfill.
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