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This is good news on several fronts. For me most important is upgrading the App on LG TV's. Few months ago I bought a couple movies in 4K only to later realize at the time you had to use a chromecast ultra to play it. The LG app could not. From the articles it looks like that could change. The sooner the better.

I still don't see some movies I purchased in HD upgrade to 4K (UHD). I own Interstellar, but still haven't seen an upgrade on that. Maybe due to the studio, that isn't included.

I'd like to see VUDU follow suit here. That would be awesome.
Did you redeem or buy it from Google? If not it won't be upgraded. Look at the page on Google's site I linked in my post. The 4k upgrades are for movies that were redeemed or bought from Google in the past.

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