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Originally Posted by Midnight Rambler View Post
Oops, sorry 'bout that, I got the wrong set list for Tokyo, I was looking at the March 6 show. They played a bunch of shows there for that tour.

So, the main diffs are "Dead Flowers" and "Beast of Burden", plus the two duos with Bo Diddley are missing. As well as no "The Worst" from Keef.
Not quite. Compared to the Uncut Florida show, the Tokyo Dome release will contain "Love Is Strong" (you wonder why they didn't play this in Florida for the video), as well as "Rock and a Hard Place" and "Slipping Away" from the Steel Wheels album. Also, the version of "Live with Me" probably doesn't have Sheryl Crow, so that should be different.

As to the video quality, this may end up being essentially on the level of any other Eagle Rock SD Blu-ray releases, since Universal Music distributes their titles worldwide. I suppose it depends on just how "Japanese" this release is, meaning:

Are the source materials coming directly from Japanese vaults? Is the audio and video being remastered in Japan? Will the discs be authored in Japan?

I suppose this last one might be true, and certainly, the discs should be pressed in Japan, but most music releases by major companies are identical worldwide, so I'm not sure we'd get anything better from the Japanese here than if Eagle Rock were also releasing the same content in the West.
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